Terms & Conditions of Service

1. Estimates are based on the information is provided by the client and include call out fee, labour and parking. Once the work has commenced the final price will be determined depending on the engineers findings. i.e. if more time is needed or extra materials are required. In this case, an engineer will notify the client before the work is carried out.​​​​

2. Work that is estimated at £500 and over will require card details to secure the booking. By giving us your card details you agree that in the event of payment not being made we are authorized to use said card details to complete payment if necessary. This information will only be used in the unlikely event of a cancellation within the 24- hour period, (see term 10) or if payment isn’t made within a 4 week period
(see term 5). Card details are kept in a secure place and will never be shared or
passed on to third parties.

3. Payment is to be made upon completion of the work; this can be made via card or cash for jobs priced less than £500 and bank transfer for jobs priced over £500 that require an invoice. We do not accept cheques.

4. Clients must be available on the day of completion to check over the work and to make payment for jobs less than £500.

5. For jobs priced over £500 and that requires an invoice, payment is to be made within the time period agreed. Any part of the invoice that remains unpaid will incur a charge of £25 after the 4-week period. If payment is not made within a 4-week period, we have the right to use the card details we have on file on complete payment.

6. All certificates relating to testing work will be issued within 7 working days of payment being received. Certificates can be issued sooner upon request depending on payment.

7. Work is guaranteed for 12 months only in respect of work directly undertaken by the company & payment in full has been made. Any non-related faults arising from
recommended work that has not been undertaken by the company will not be
The company shall not be held liable or responsible for any damage or
defect resulting from work not fully guaranteed or where recommended work has not
been carried out.

8. If you require further work to be carried out after the quoted work is complete, you must settle the current invoice before any additional work can be carried out.

9. Parking is either to be provided by the client or will be charge at the local daily rate. Clients are also liable to pay congestion charge at the current rate if the property is within the congestion charge zone.

10. Estimated arrival time slots are given when bookings are confirmed. You will be given a time slot usually within an hour depending on the previous job and traffic. If an engineer is going to be late, we will notify you as soon as possible to arrange the next available time slot. If you cancel within the 24-hour period before your time slot, you will be charged a call out fee that will be included in your estimate.

11. It is the clients’ responsibility to ensure any furniture and valuables are removed from the area that the work is being carried out. We do not take any responsibility for any damages or lose in the property if we are required to assist in moving furniture.

12. We do not tolerate any abuse towards our staff and we reserve the right to refuse/ cancel any work that has been agreed on this basis.

By accepting an estimate or booking an appointment you agree to our terms and conditions.

The director has the right determine any further terms not listed above.